An end to end tutorial for developing and sharing ML demos with Gradio, Grid, Lightning Flash and ngrok

Learn how to inference a custom video understanding model in 3 simple steps using PyTorch Video and Lightning Flash

Walmart recently developed a Video Understanding system that can inspect fresh food for signs of defects and spoilage. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Learn step by step how to build, train and make predictions on a video classification task with 3 simple tools: Lightning Flash, PyTorch Video, and Kornia.

This tutorial introduces how to get started building baselines for Deep Learning using PyTorch Lightning Flash

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

What is PyTorch Lightning Flash?

PyTorch Lightning Flash is a new library from the creators of PyTorch Lightning to enable quick baselining of state-of-the-art Deep Learning tasks on new datasets in a matter of minutes.

Aaron (Ari) Bornstein

<Microsoft Open Source Engineer> I am an AI enthusiast with a passion for engaging with new technologies, history, and computational medicine.

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